Intellectual Property


Comprehensive  Security Solutions for Research
Companies, Manufacturers & Individuals

Confidentiality is the essence of being trusted.

Billy Graham


Corporate confidentiality agency that protects intellectual property

NY2CA is a corporate confidentiality agency that works with the world's largest automotive manufacturers and research companies to protect their intellectual properties before they are released to the public. We are available to secure any physical or visual, confidential intellectual property, in any market.

We have brought our security expertise to various events since 2017, serving business owners and individuals. Our polished, professional staff combines years of experience and critical thinking to ensure that your clinic or focus group event runs safely and smoothly.

How Can We Help You?

We cover all aspects of corporate confidentiality, ranging from our expertise in protecting intellectual property in clinics, drive studies, and focus groups to specialized services for events, consulting, and risk mitigation. We are a team of highly accomplished security professionals offering innovative and customized solutions to represent your organization with discerning authority, hospitality, diplomacy, and a touch of class.


Why Choose Us


Our well-spoken, polished, and friendly security team will represent your company with class. Leaving a positive impression on your customers and employees. 


We are punctual and always ready to serve you with any security requirements. Rest assured that we will be there for you regardless of the circumstances or scope of work.


We work hard to gain the trust of our clients and build long-term relationships to ensure repeat business and referrals. Your safety and confidentiality is our priority. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and ensure your peace of mind.

Custom Solutions

We do all security aspects and handle the logistics according to the specific requirements of your project. We use innovative security protocols and develop quality solutions that guarantee client satisfaction.